Class Names

Our classes are named after innovative artists who have pioneered new ways of working in the arts.

Kapoor and Hepworth are both sculptors; Matisse, Klee, O’Keeffe, Haring, Ofili, Hokusai, Hockney, Rousseau, Kusama, Boyce, Himid and Riley are painters. Ray is a writer and illustrator of children’s books.


We have named the classes after creative people so that children can identify with people who have been successful in following their dreams and living the life they chose for themselves.


Classes at Mayflower School


Kapoor: Nursery

Klee: Reception

Hepworth: Reception

Matisse: Year 1

Ray: Year 1

Ofili: Year 2

O'Keeffe: Year 2

Rousseau: Year 3

Haring: Year 3

Himid: Year 4

Hokusai: Year 4

Hockney: Year 5

Riley: Year 5

Kusama: Year 6

Boyce: Year 6

Accelerated Reader

Our visit to Mayflower Primary School such a profoundly inspiring learning experience. Your hospitality, your knowledge, and your passion and caring for the students and their families is exemplary!!!

- Professor Casey Lum from New York University