We believe that excellent attendance at school will give your child the best possible chance of being successful in education. We aim for 100% and classes achieving best class attendance for the term receive a special class treat. Making sure your child comes to school every day is vital. Occasionally children are unwell first thing in the morning, but we encourage parents to bring children in as soon as they are feeling better. A half day at school is better than missing a whole day. If your child feels unwell during the day we will, of course, inform you. All holidays must be taken during school holidays.

In the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One (Nursery and Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) our aim is to keep class sizes smaller, with 22 or 23 in each class. This is so the younger children have more time with their Class Teacher and Teaching Assistant. This helps them to become more confident learners.

From Year 3 we have 30 pupils per class with 45 in each Year group. This means that we have a Year 3, Year 3/4, Year 4, Year 4/5, Year 5, Year 5/6 and Year 6 class.

Accelerated Reader

"Lovely to meet all the smart young children here! It was a pleasure! Massively aspirational."

- Jess McKeever, Apprentice at 10 Downing Street