Staff and Posts of Responsibility

Senior Leadership Team

Dee Bleach - Headteacher

Adam Stock - Deputy Head

Heba Al-Jayoosi - Assistant Head

Leadership Team

Heba Al-Jayoosi - EYS Phase Leader

Teresa Ward - KS1 Phase Leader

Ben Jones - LKS2 Phase Leader

Katy Jewell - UKS2 Phase Leader

Admin Staff

Amena Begum Office Manager

Anisha Ahmed Admin & Attendance

Anne Healy - Resources and Library (PT)

Kasey Bolton - Receptionist (PT)

Buildings & Premises

Carl Ludlow - Premises Manager

Curriculum Leaders & Teaching Staff

Dee Bleach - Teaching & Learning, Curriculum & English Team

Adam Stock - Assessment & Staff Development Lead & Maths Team

Heba Al-Jayoosi - Inclusion & Research Lead & Science Team

Ben Jones - Class Teacher – LKS2 Phase Leader, Creative Arts & Research Team

Katy Jewell - Class Teacher -UKS2 Phase Leader & Maths Lead

Teresa Ward - Class Teacher –KS1 Phase Leader & English Lead

Phoebe Ransom - Class Teacher –Science Lead

Kalshuma Begum - Class Teacher – (PT) Computing Lead

Rahima Miah - Class Teacher –Pupil Premium Lead & English Team

Rita Bach - Class Teacher -P.E Lead & Mentor

Josephine Hine - Class Teacher –Humanities Team

Patrick Jensen Class Teacher –PE Team & P4C

Nadia Begum - Class Teacher – Creative Arts Team

Johura Begum - Class Teacher –Computing Team

Lisa Walker - Class Teacher –Computing Team

Raymond Rodgers - Class Teacher –PE Team

Sadia Javaid - Class Teacher –NQT Science Team

Tugela Barnes Class Teacher (PT) Parental Engagement & English Team

Sirajul Choudhury - Support Teacher - Humanities & Mayflower Citizens Lead

Rosie de Vekey - Support Teacher (PT) Inclusion Team

Helen Ellis - Support Teacher (PT) School Ambassadors & Maths Team

Angie Davis - Support Teacher (PT) & Creative Arts Team

Rosie Houston Support Teacher (PT) Parental Engagement Team

Sonia Huggins Reading Recovery & OoSHL & English Team

Fiona Elwin Reading Recovery, DSR & English Team (PT)

Trainee Teachers

Joel Hartley - LETTA Trainee

Sally Yumoto - LETTA Trainee

School Based Support Staff

Shahana Salim Higher Level Teaching Assistant, P4C Team

Kirsty Miah - Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Inclusion Team

Farhad Uddin - Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Maths Team

Shipli Begum - Cover Supervisor

Glyn Bevan - Learning Mentor, PATHS Partner

Marcia Phidd - Teaching Assistant & Breakfast Club Lead

Dawn Martin - Teaching Assistant & Play Leader

Sue Stephen - Teaching Assistant

Kulsuma Begum - Teaching Assistant

Shahnaz Begum - Teaching Assistant

Margaret Jones - Teaching Assistant

Salama Khatun - Teaching Assistant

Fadumo (Fatima) Sheekh Teaching Assistant

Tara Dadzie - Teaching Assistant

Runa Begum - Teaching Assistant

Megan Walsh - Teaching Assistant

Hani Qadri - Teaching Assistant

Laura Garrard Teaching Assistant

Tommy Coulson - Teaching Assistant

Amal Botan - Teaching Assistant

Sam Edney - Teaching Assistant (PT)

Muserat Ghaffer - Teaching Assistant (PT)

Shumi Haq - Teaching Assistant (PT)

Geraldine Hamilton - Teaching Assistant (PT)

Alicia Salinas Valenzuela Teaching Assistant (PT)

Lunchtime Assistants

Rosemary Waterhouse Breakfast Club & Lunchtime Assistant

Rayhana Qureshi - Breakfast Club & Lunchtime Assistant

Laila Ferdaoui Lunchtime Assistant

Rukshana Ghaffar - Lunchtime Assistant

Shepa Begum - Lunchtime Assistant

Geraldine Hamilton - Lunchtime Assistant

Karen Camillire - Lunchtime Assistant

Shakara Khatun - Lunchtime Assistant

Jasmin Choudhury - Lunchtime Assistant

Nafina Kamara Lunchtime Assistant

Yeasmin Begum Lunchtime Assistant

Dawn Martin - Teaching Assistant & Play Leader

Kirsty Miah - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Farhad Uddin - Higher Level Teaching Assistant (half hour lunch cover)

Glyn Bevan - Learning Mentor (half hour lunch cover)

Tommy Coulson - Teaching Assistant (half hour lunch cover)

Tara Dadzie - Teaching Assistant (half hour lunch cover)

Runa Begum - Teaching Assistant (half hour lunch cover)

Megan Walsh - Teaching Assistant (half hour lunch cover)

Laura Garrard -Teaching Assistant (half hour lunch cover)

Hani Qadri - Teaching Assistant (half hour lunch cover)

Glyn Bevan - Teaching Assistant (half hour lunch cover)

Amal Botan - Teaching Assistant (half hour lunch cover)

Support Staff

Sabina Yesmin Extended Schools Social Worker

Emdad Rahman - Attendance Welfare Officer

Amy Crick - Speech and Language Therapist

Chantelle - Occupational Therapist

Cathy Squires Hughes Play Therapist

Shajan Hekim - Librarian

Staff on Maternity Leave

Terri Howarth - Class Teacher EYS Phase Leader, Parental Engagement Lead

Sabida Begum - Teaching Assistant

Shapla Begum - Receptionist (PT)

Accelerated Reader

"Pupils' behaviour and personal development are of the highest quality. They listen intently, persevere when work gets difficult and treat others with the upmost respect. Relationships are excellent."

- Oftsed, 2017