Data and Results


SATs Result!

Our results are truly OUTSTANDING!!!

Mayflower School is the highest-ranking school in Tower Hamlets, something we are very proud of!

Mayflower Primary School achieved well above average progress scores for Key Stage 2 in reading, writing and mathematics.

Pupils are expected to achieve scores of at least 100 in their Key Stage 2 exams. In Mayflower Primary School, the average grade awarded for reading was 114, for grammar, punctuation and spelling 119, and for maths 117.

The results mean that 98per cent of pupils achieved the expected standard across the three subjects, and 44% were high achievers.

As a result, the school achieved progress scores of 7.2 for reading, 3.9 for writing and 10.9 for mathematics, recognising the improvement students achieved in their final years of primary education. 


DFE Performance Tables

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KS1 and KS2 SATs Results 2016

Inspection Dashboard 2016

RAISEonline 2016

DfE Performance Tables

The DfE reports on important statistical information about the school including how our children perform and how we spend the money allocated to the school.

You can find more about Mayflower Primary School on the Department for Education website.

Accelerated Reader

"Thank you for providing the groups for our 'Around the world with Captain Cook' pilots today - and to say how utterly delightful both classes were. Impeccable behaved incredibly sensible, engaged throughout their visit and all in all a real pleasure to w

- Kirsty Sullivan, Museum of London Docklands.