Acronym Jargon Buster

AFL – Assement For Learning

ASD – Autistic Spectrum Disorder

DFE – Department For Education

EAL – English As An Additional Language

INSET - In Service Education and Training

KS1 –  Key Stage 1 (Age 5-7, School years 1 & 2)

LKS2 – Lower Key Stage 2 (Age 7-9, School years 3 to 4)

UKS2 – Upper Key Stage 2 (Age 9-11, School years 5 to 6)

Ofsted - Office for Standards in Education

GTS - Qualified Teacher Status

SENCO - Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Accelerated Reader

"Your school was such an eye opener and was such a lovely day. I couldn't believe how polite, welcoming and hard working students all were! And of course really nice to be in a school that promotes creativeness and cultural diversity. Had a very positive

- Kara Davies, School Counsellor - Octavia House Schools