The Queen Visits Mayflower

The Queen visits the Mayflower Primary School in Tower Hamlets, which was bombed one hundred years ago.

On June 13 1917, a bomb from a German aircraft struck the school killing 18 children, most of whom were aged between four and six.

Today, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh joined relatives of the children who died at nearby All Saints Church for the memorial service.

- The Telegraph


Aqila Tabasum-Previous student - I loved that event! But I really miss Mayflower and everyone I met there! I just wish that I was still here! I loved being in this school and there are so many good memories here!

noorul - previous student - I had to move school Mayflower is amazing hopefully it stays strong remember set sail for success

Humayra salam previous student left 2017 - it was an amazing experience meeting the queen and meeting the queen is a dream come true

s-1-2 - i miss the good memories and will

Fatima yr6 2016-2017 - I can\'t believe I just left I\'m missing primary so much secondary is so tuff and so much didifferent to primary but I made some good friends wish I can go back to mayflower again ????????????????

Tazkia khan - I still cant believe the queen came to our school our school is such a positive place to be we have great staff and all the teachers an TAs are really helpful

Fayza Omar - I can\'t believe the queen went to mayflower its a miracle missing all the staff

Huzaifah previous student - I wish I was there so nice to hear the queen to visit

hanifa - The queen went to the PE hall.

Amina and rezwana previous student Boyce - Miss all the mayflower teachers. I wish I was there in mayflower till this day

Abdullah and Asad - Boyce & Hokusai Class - Everyone in the school was so excited when we heard Queen is visiting our school. We all welcomed her very warmly along with our teachers. We invited our parents as well and they were standing outside to welcome her. This is the first time in our life we have seen Queen so closely and no doubt she has such a great personality.

Mahfouz old student 2015 to 2016 - I wish I was there

stanley kaye - After 4 years of planning the 100th year ceremony I would like to say that the children and staff at Mayflower are a credit to you Dee Bleach and they proved that by all the hard work they did to remember the 18 children that died 13th June 1917 at 1140 am at Upper North Street School. When I saw all the displays in your school hall on Friday 16th June I have to admit I was a bit over come by the amount of research and work they have put in to it. Well done everyone and I am sure HM The Queen would also have been impressed. Stan Kaye

Nuzhat- previous student - I really wish I could have been there. I really miss mayflower a lot

Yusuf- Rousseau class - I can't believe the queen came to our school by the way, Everyone has been excellent at Mayflower so well done to everyone. When we went to Poplar park we we're all amazing

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Accelerated Reader

Amazing enthusiasm by Year 3/4 children. Thanks to the staff and children.

- Nick Townsend, Turner and Townsend