Daily Supported Reading

A message to all DSR children,

I am really missing DSR (daily supported reading) are you? Remember Baby Bear, Jolly Roger, Kitty Cat and Fat Cat? I miss them too! Hopefully, you have got some new books from school today so how about you now do DSR at home with someone in your family?

This is what you need:

  • a helper (your mum, dad, sister or brother)
  • a book
  • a strip of paper
  • a pen
  • a pair of scissors

This is what to do:

  1. Ask your helper to read you the book.
  2. You now read the book to your helper. Remember if you get stuck you can use your phonics, look at the picture, go back and read the sentence again
  3. Choose your favourite part of the story. Find a sentence you like on this page.
  4. Your helper now needs to copy the sentence you chose (in their neatest writing) on to the strip of paper. Make sure they remember the full stop.
  5. Cut the strip of paper, word by word.
  6. Mix up the words.
  7. Make the sentence. You can use the book if you need to.
  8. Check your sentence is correct by reading it again.
  9. Mix the words up again and make the sentence again, try without looking at the book.

More things to do

  • Stick the words on to another piece of paper and draw a picture.
  • You could choose another sentence and copy it out to make another sentence puzzle.
  • You could make up some questions about the story to ask your helper.
  • Ask your helper to ask you some questions about the story.
  • You could make up a different ending to your story or think about what might happen next in the story.


Nayla H haring class - That would be really fun I’m going to do that thank you Fiona I remember you last time I saw you I miss you☺️

David Tennant - Thank you so much for this. All your efforts are appreciated very much.

Abdul - I like this book can you read a different book

Dee - This looks great fun for home learning. Thank you Fiona

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Accelerated Reader

Our visit to Mayflower Primary School such a profoundly inspiring learning experience. Your hospitality, your knowledge, and your passion and caring for the students and their families is exemplary!!!

- Professor Casey Lum from New York University