Here is a description of the work done by Yahya, Yunus and their mum.

Yahya: The rocket blasted off and the people on the ground said, "Oh!" and looked at the rocket.

Yunus explained how the car was driving along. He made it very carefully.

Well done for these fantastic designs and well done for their mum for all her help!


Tahiya - Even though I am In Cyril Jackson I came to this website and This is soooooooooooooo good

Davion - Your story was really inofimatrve, thanks!

Tom - Brilliant work Yahya and Yunus

Rosie L - Fantastic work, well done guys!!

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"Lovely to meet all the smart young children here! It was a pleasure! Massively aspirational."

- Jess McKeever, Apprentice at 10 Downing Street