The Great British Clean Up Week



Rayyan (School Ambassador) - Thank you to everyone who read my presentation. I hope it was good and thank you to Yusuf and my auntie Molly for your kind feedback.

Auntie Molly - Rayyan for future Prime Minister! A very good presentation; it was clear, concise, logical and engaging. It is really important that we all take care of the environment, doing as much as we possibly can for the benefit of our community and for future generations.

Yusuf - Previous Student (Year 7) - What a fantastic PowerPoint slideshow Rayyan! Wish I could participate but it's fantastic to see that Mayflower is coping with it. But good luck with this Mayflower! (◠‿◠)

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Accelerated Reader

"Thank you for this great opportunity your school is amazing! With fabulous children really inquisitive and inspirational, you opened my eyes to inner city schools"

- Katie, PGCE Student - Exeter