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Some amazing news!!! Today (17th April 2013) the postman brought us some very special chicken eggs. We looked at them carefully and discussed being gentle. Then we put them in our incubator to keep them warm. The farmer has told us that they should hatch in 19 days!!! We will be updated these pages regularly so WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

Can you tell your mum, dad, brothers and sisters:

Why do we need to put the eggs in the incubator?

What job dies the mother hen do to the eggs?

Why can't we touch the eggs?

What will happen if drop the eggs?

What is happening inside the eggs?

How do the chicks get out of the eggs?

What do the chicks eat?

Can chickens fly?

Where will we put the chicks when they hatch???

How can we find out more?


sharmin - I love chicks they are so cute!

TANZIA - I cant wait till they hatch.{I love chicks}

Dee - I am really looking forward to watching the progress of the eggs, it\'s so eggciting, (I know it is exciting really!

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