Rousseau were lucky enough to visited by Snakey Sue. She came and tought us all about her pet nakes and even let us give them cuddles!


Sabida - I loved to hold the snakes

Zaynab begum - Btw I'm the show off in the class i love snakes 🐍🐉

unknown - I LOVE SNAKES😗

Aabid - i loved it

rezwana - the massive snake was really scary

Johura Tapder - It was a good doing it so next time when i see a snake I won't be afraid of it.

hajera - I really enjoyed carrying the snakes

yoshita nanjilal - It was a great experience and I had great time!

cheyenne - I was trying to not to be scared

Alisha - scary

Zaynab Begum -
When I first touched the snake it was scary!
Later on I wasn't scared at all!

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