As part of international week, Matisse class looked at Indonesia. Adrian's Grandmother gave us a fantastic story from the islands about Garlic - a hardworking character and Shallot - a lazy and greedy character. At the end of the story they collected a pumpkin. Garlic picked a small one which was filled with jewels and shallot picked the biggest in the garden which turned out to contain scorpions and snakes. We created some artwork from the story and Adrian's grandmother came to our class on Friday to cook us an indonesian dish - tofu omelette. We all tried some and it was delicious!


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Accelerated Reader

"Your school was such an eye opener and was such a lovely day. I couldn't believe how polite, welcoming and hard working students all were! And of course really nice to be in a school that promotes creativeness and cultural diversity. Had a very positive

- Kara Davies, School Counsellor - Octavia House Schools