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Nicola - Hi Hafsa, Shafee and Laaibah, so glad you enjoyed the stories! I’d love to hear any stories that you’ve been reading or making up as I know you’re all fantastic storytellers! Watch this space for new stories! I’m missing you all in Ofili class, take care and stay safe.

Hamza and Halima - Hello every one..miss you all

Sara - Hello 👋🏻 Patrick, I miss everyone in my class. I enjoyed listening to your story. I miss school so much and can’t wait for it to reopen again.

Laaibah - Good thanks for the nice stories. Nicola

Mariyah receptions shafee year 2 - Thank you for the interesting stories. Waiting for next one. Nicola, Helen, Teresa thank you so much.

amirah - That was nice

Amal - Hello Sulaiman, I’m glad you enjoyed it, it’s lovely to hear from you! What would you like me to read next ? You are first in line from Rousseau with a request ! Let me know, take care.

Sue - Hey everyone, it’s me again! Loving the stories and poems! Keep up the good work xxxxx

Patrick - Hi Rayan, I am well thank you. I really miss Ray class and seeing everyone at school. I hope you are having fun and helping at home. Have you tried inventing any stories? I am writing my own one and then I can record it and upload it on here. Let me know what you think and if there's anything I can do better.

Sulaiman Ali - Hello Amal I really liked listening to you reading Greedyguts! I liked your voice, expressions and actions! Thanks.

Rayan Ali - Hello Patrick, are you ok? I liked your reading of dinky donky.

Teresa - Hello Haniya- it is so lovely to hear from you. You can choose the next story that I read! Would you like another story by Julia Donaldson or do you have a favourite that you would like to hear? Let me know. Stay well.

Sue - Hey Haniya, so happy that you’re enjoying the stories as much as me! I miss you too and hope that all of Matisse class are listening🤞
If you are I’m sure all the story tellers would love to hear from you X

Haniya - Love to see your message today Teresa. And yes I am doing very well. Just indoors right now. Thanks for sharing the story. I am learning more and more and promise to be a good learner. Miss you Teresa, Sue, Helen and all others. See you soon xxx

Helen - Hi Hafsa and Yusuf, I am so glad you are watching them and enjoying them. The one I read today is all about pasties... a yummy Cornish treat

Hafsa (Year 2) and Yusuf (Year 6) - Hi Nicola, Helen and Teresa! Thank you for the fantastic stories. We really enjoyed them and we are excited for the next ones.

Hafsa (Year 2) and Yusuf (Year 6) - Hi Nicola, Helen and Teresa. Thank you for the fantastic stories and we are really excited for the next ones.

SUE, -
Hey Teresa and Helen, it was great to hear your stories, can’t wait for the next one!!
Love Sue xx

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Accelerated Reader

"Pupils make swift progress during their time at the school and reach high standards of achievement. Results in Year 2 and Year 6 tests are consistently high year after year."

- Oftsed, 2017