Adnan - I have really eneojyd science week so far because today we were trying to make the tallest tower out of blu tac and spaghetti and we learn that if your base wasnt strong enough your whole tower would fail.

faiz and fahim - Those pizzas are making me sooo hungry! They look better than pizza hut pizza

anonnymous - I want some it looks soo scrumcious!!!!

Huzaifah and Saad - Nice pizza O'Keeffe class! They look yummy and it is making me hungry.

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Accelerated Reader

"Thank you so much for having us with you today! We have been so pleasantly surprised because your school is vibrant, colourful, and full of incredibly happy and engaged learners. We have witnessed plenty to magpie to help us become outstanding teachers!

- University of Exeter PGCE Students