Mayflower's Winter Wonder


Yusuf & Ayaana - Very beautiful video put together. Thank you everyone at Mayflower.

Anisha (Riley) - I like how people made their hats

Katia A year 4 - I miss Christmas at Mayflower! ?

Afia (Riley) - I like the singing

Madiha (Hokusai) - I really enjoyed watching this with my family, well done to everyone.

Nazmin, Rayyan (Haring) and Raihan (Ray) - We really enjoyed watching the video. Such great singing and acting! Excellent job Mayflower!

Heba - Well done everyone! You've brought a huge smile to my face :) Wishing you all a wonderful holiday ?

Yusuf - (Previous student) Year 7 - Wow!! What a wonderful Christmas show! And seeing all the fabulous learning going on at Mayflower has been lovely! Keep it up Mayflower!

Helen - Super singing Mayflower! This has made me smile! I really like the animations and all your fantastic art, especially the ice painting - it looked really fun ! Merry Christmas everyone :)

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Accelerated Reader

"Thank you for providing the groups for our 'Around the world with Captain Cook' pilots today - and to say how utterly delightful both classes were. Impeccable behaved incredibly sensible, engaged throughout their visit and all in all a real pleasure.

- Kirsty Sullivan, Museum of London Docklands.