Sandra gave an assembly all about May Day. This is an ancient British festival that people celebrate in traditional ways. One of these celebrations is a dance performed by Morris Dancers and some teachers at Mayflower tried to demonstrate it. Let us know what you think!



Fahmeda (Langdon Park Year 8) Ex student of Mayflower - OMG i am watching tis over and over again Sirajul was the funniest person in that room
I miss primary

mahi - I miss school now iam in secondary and also iam in year 8

nuzhat - that is really funny

rezwana - Will, Adam and Basith were very funny. I want to see that dance again they were very good

Rezwana - that was the funniest dance in the whole history


fahmeda - boyce - that was the funniest dance in the whole of history. LOL!

fahmeda - boyce - That was the funniest dance in the whole of history.

Shamia (Riley) - That was funny!

Dee - If you need a good belly laugh this is the place to go! What a wonderful staff we have at Mayflower!

mahir - it was very funny dance and i liked it because it was very funny

Raihana - that dance really suits Adam and Will

Tahera - that was good

Raihana-Riley - hahahahahahaha

Hanifa - Wow!!! Adam was absolutely amazing!!

Huzaifah - I love the way when Basith, Adam and Will were dancing. It so funny!

saleha boyce - WOW! Basith just got out everyones laughter,Will was very funny aswell as Adam.

sayeda - this was really funny and sirajul looked like a clown

Adam - WOW!!!

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"Really enjoyed, spending the morning with various classes. The children surprised me with their knowledge of animals. I was made to feel very welcome."

- Marion Jones, Blue Cross