As part of this term's topic of Explorers and Adventure, Klee and Hepworth classes went on an exciting educational visit to the London Aquarium last week. We took the boat along the river to Westminster, and enjoyed the landmarks along the way. We had our picnic in the glorious sunshine under the London Eye before going in to the Aquarium. We saw so many different types of fish, big ones, little ones, fish of all different colours. Our favourites were the sharks, penguins and turtles. Did you know that a Green Sea Turtle is green because it eats mainly seaweed? We spent a long time learning about the different fish before getting the boat back to school. It was a long and tiring day, but we all had a wonderful time. Have a look at some of our pictures, can you spot Nemo (also known as a clown fish)?


Radiah - The bright colours makes it look really pretty.

faiz - wow that looks amazing

rezwana - I want to go there

rezwana - these pictures are nice

Nauman - They have a good time.

Huzaifah - Wow they are awesome!

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