Boyce Class have been learning all about 'Identity' this half term. We have found out information about our talk partner and made it into a poem based on some ideas from Benjamin Zephaniah. We hope you like them!


annonymous (ex student) - omds I remember these poems, miss primary school so much haven\'t been visiting for a while

funkybot9 - this was nice poetry this was one of there rymes

it has the best taste
it won\'t go to waste

fawzia - I like your poems ....

Adam - Fantastic poems Boyce Class!!!

Annoymous - love the poems

fahmeda - hi

fahmeda - I made one poem yay

Dee - Fabulous poems! I especially like Amy\'s poem about Ishtyaq.

someone that you wont no in Riley class - i like the way they are doing the action

Nazifa - I really like the poems! I love it when it rhymes.

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