Boyce class have written some fantastic stories about how they landed on the moon. They have created an amazing book corner with the effect of the space atmosphere, why not come and explore and experience it for yourself !


Hanifa Boyce - Wow!!!!Amazing display

Shamia - Wow rabia and griselda your writing is OUTSTANDING:) griselda I love your drawing

Griselda - Thanks Salma

Griselda - Thanks Saleha! Your work was amazing too and I agree with Naeemah, Rabia's hadwriting is amazing

Saleha BOYCE - Wow... i loved Rabia,Griseldas & Madihas description and my one was fairly good but not as superb and realistic as theirs... !!!

Salma - I think all these beautiful descriptions are amazing . I enjoy Rabias and Griseldas piece of work . AMAZING!!

rabia - Thank you Naeemah. I don't mean to sound vain but I agree with you and I think my work was phenomenal!

Naeemah - Rabia\'s work is AMAZING! Such neat handwriting.

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"All the staff and pupils are very welcoming. Evidence of learning is clear throughout - I love the creative approach!"

- Catherine Hodsman, Exeter PGCE Tutor