We had a very special visitor on Wednesday when Adisa came in to share his fabulous poetry! He told lots of fantastic poems in an assembly and then he worked with different classes in UKS2 so they could create their own. Everyone really enjoyed it and learnt lots. Which was your favourite poem?


Cheyenne - That guy was more than funny he was cool.(+he was in haring class and we done fab poems my one
Dancing but we were doing water which was fun. But I really wanted to draw picture on my poem. P.s I wonder if he will come back to are school and come in haring again and do more poems again .………………dun……dun……daaaaaa.

Dee - I loved hearing Adisa\'s poems. some were very funny like the poem about his boots and others were very moving, especially the poem about his Dad baking bread. We have ordered copies of his book so you can all read them soon. I would love to hear some of the poems written by Mayflower pupils in Adisa\'s workshops.

Huzaifah and Saad - he was so funny

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Accelerated Reader

"Thank you so much for having us with you today! We have been so pleasantly surprised because your school is vibrant, colourful, and full of incredibly happy and engaged learners. We have witnessed plenty to magpie to help us become outstanding teachers!

- University of Exeter PGCE Students