Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is specifically designed for Mayflower pupils to give them local and global knowledge within a broad and balanced curriculum. Pupils learn key skills from the National Curriculum. Many of the topics are based around excellent story books to help put the children’s learning in context. We also have class visits to help bring the learning alive. We want pupils to be engaged in talking about their learning and asking questions which shape the learning in their class. We want our pupils to persevere, and reflect on learning, to go back and improve their work. We want Mayflower pupils to solve problems and to work with others to find creative solutions.

Our staff and pupils take a real pride in displaying the learning that is taking place around the school. The displays also help parents see the learning that is going on in class. We are part of learning networks with other local schools where staff and pupils can learn from each other. Our school councillors also work with pupils from local schools. At a recent school councillors conference with our network schools, our pupils discovered the best way they learn is “When learning is fun, when you participate and when you are open to others.” We think these are great principles to follow.

"Thank you for providing the groups for our 'Around the world with Captain Cook' pilots today - and to say how utterly delightful both classes were. Impeccable behaved incredibly sensible, engaged throughout their visit and all in all a real pleasure to work with. We couldn’t have asked for better 'guinea pigs' and I do hope we'll see you all again soon."

- Kirsty Sullivan, Museum of London Docklands.