Physical Education (PE)

We believe that engaging in a range of physical activities is essential to our pupils’ well being, through our provision we aim to:

  • Foster a love for and enjoyment of being active
  • Develop fitness for life through promoting the health benefits of regular exercise
  • Identify talents
  • Develop self–esteem, confidence and social skills
  • Contribute to the physical development of each child
  • Give pupils ways of expressing themselves and opportunities to be creative
  • Develop a range of skills that can be applied in other contexts
  • Give pupils opportunities to try out activities that they would not otherwise have access to.

We deliver high quality PE, Sports and Dance. We do this partly through the Tower Hamlets Youth Sport Foundation. Which provides, access to regular training for teachers and support staff. Two after school club each half term. Sports that vary throughout the year. The clubs are run by professional coaches. At least two sessions of curriculum support per week. These are led by sports coaches. Borough competitions and festivals in a range of sports The children grow in confidence and skills each year. This is evident in the levels of participation and popularity of our clubs.

We also provide dance lessons for pupils both in curriculum and time and for clubs. We believe that dance provides pupils with body confidence and poise. We introduce pupils to a range of dance styles e.g. Street dance and Ballet in 2014/15

Pupils in LKS2 have weekly swimming lessons.

PE and Sport Premium

Accelerated Reader

"Your school was such an eye opener and was such a lovely day. I couldn't believe how polite, welcoming and hard working students all were! And of course really nice to be in a school that promotes creativeness and cultural diversity. Had a very positive

- Kara Davies, School Counsellor - Octavia House Schools