Mayflower Staff and Posts of Responsibility

Senior Leadership Team

Dee Bleach - Headteacher
Adam Stock - Deputy Head
Heba Al-Jayoosi - Assistant Head

Leadership Team

Terri Howarth - EYS Phase Leader
Teresa Ward - KS1 Phase Leader
Ben Jones - LKS2 Phase Leader
Katy Jewell UKS2 Phase Leader

Admin Staff

Amena Begum Office Manager
Anisha Ahmed - Admin & Attendance
Anne Healy - Resources and Library (PT)
Kasey Bolton- Receptionist (PT)

Buildings & Premises

Carl Ludlow - Premises Manager

Curriculum Leaders & Teaching Staff

Dee Bleach - Teaching & Learning, Curriculum & English Team
Adam Stock - Assessment & Staff Development Lead & Maths Team
Heba Al-Jayoosi - Inclusion & Research Lead & Science Team
Ben Jones - Class Teacher – LKS2 Phase Leader, Creative Arts & Mentor Lead & Research Team
Katy Jewell Class Teacher -UKS2 Phase Leader & Maths Lead
Teresa Ward - Class Teacher –KS1 Phase Leader & English Lead
Phoebe Ransom - Class Teacher – Science lead (MC)
Terri Howarth - Class Teacher – EYS Phase Leader, Parental Engagement Lead & Mentor
Robin Oldman - Class Teacher – Computing Lead & Mentor
Helen Ellis - Class Teacher – Poplar Partnership Project Manager (secondment)
Sirajul Choudhury - Support Teacher - Humanities & Mayflower Citizens Lead
Rahima Miah - Class Teacher – Pupil Premium Lead & English Team
Rita Bach - Class Teacher - P.E Lead & Mentor
Josephine Hine - Class Teacher – Humanities Team
Patrick Jensen - Class Teacher – PE Team & P4C
Micah Fowler - Class Teacher – NQT English Team
Nadia Begum - Class Teacher – NQT Creative Arts Team
Johura Begum Class Teacher – NQT Science Team
Lisa Walker Class Teacher – NQT Computing Team
Angie Davis - Support Teacher (PT) & Creative Arts Team
Rosie Houston - Support Teacher (PT) Parental Engagement Team
Sonia Huggins - Reading Recovery & OoSHL Lead & English Team
Fiona Elwin - Reading Recovery, Library & English Team (PT)

Trainee Teachers

James Watson - LETTA Trainee
Sadia Javaid - LETTA Trainee
Rhima Khanom - LETTA Trainee

Support Staff

Sabina Yasmin - Higher Level Teaching Assistant & Senior Lunchtime Supervisor, supporting OoSHL
Shahana Salim - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Kirsty Miah - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Shipli Begum - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Farhad Uddin - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Glyn Bevan - Learning Mentor, PATHS Partner
Marcia Phidd - Teaching Assistant & Breakfast Club Supervisor
Dawn Martin - Teaching Assistant & Play Leader
Sue Stephen - Teaching Assistant
Kulsuma Begum - Teaching Assistant
Shahnaz Begum - Teaching Assistant
Margaret Jones - Teaching Assistant
Salama Khatun - Teaching Assistant
Uma Hani Qadri- Teaching Assistant
Fadumo (Fatima) Sheekh- Teaching Assistant
Tara Dadzie - Teaching Assistant
Runa Begum - Teaching Assistant
Megan Walsh - Teaching Assistant
Sam Edney - Teaching Assistant (PT)
Muserat Ghaffer - Teaching Assistant (PT)
Shumi Haq - Teaching Assistant (PT)

Lunchtime Supervisors

Rosemary Waterhouse - Lunchtime Supervisor & Breakfast Club Supervisor
Rayhana Qureshi - Lunchtime Supervisor & Breakfast Club Supervisor
Laila Ferdaoui - Lunchtime Supervisor
Tommy Coulson - Lunchtime Supervisor
Rukshana Ghaffar - Lunchtime Supervisor
Shepa Begum - Lunchtime Supervisor
Geraldine Hamilton - Lunchtime Supervisor

Jasmin Choudhury - Lunchtime Supervisior 

Yeasmin Begum - Lunchtime Supervisior 

Karen Camillire - Lunchtime Supervisior 

Shakara Khatun- Lunchtime Supervisior 

Nafina Kamara - Lunchtime Supervisior 

Support Staff

Sabina Yeasmin - Extended Schools Social Worker
Emdad Rahman - Attendance Welfare Officer
Amy Crick - Speech and Language Therapist
Siobhan Bell - Occupational Therapist
Cathy Squires Hughes - Play Therapist
Pat Smith - Librarian

Staff on Maternity Leave

Kalshuma Begum - Class Teacher - Science Lead including Healthy Schools
Helen Ellis - Class Teacher
Rosie de Vekey - Class Teacher (PT)
Tugela Barnes - Class Teacher (PT)
Alicia Salinas - Teaching Assistant (PT)

Shapla Begum - Receptionist (PT)

Sabida Begum - Teaching Asistant

Accelerated Reader

"The school's work to promote pupils' personal development and welfare is outstanding. As one pupil noted, 'this is a very sophisticated school'."

- Oftsed, 2017