At the moment school lunches are free to Tower Hamlets pupils from Reception to Year 6. All pupils entitled to free school meals can receive pupil premium funding which is provided by the government to support pupils from deprived backgrounds to enable them to fulfill their potential at school. 

Pupil Premium funding is making a big difference for pupils at Mayflower. We receive additional funding for all children who are eligible for free school meals. So even though you don’t have to pay for school dinners now, and even if your child has packed lunch, please register for free school meals so the school receives this funding entitlement for your child.

We are part of The Poplar Partnership, a learning network with local schools where staff and pupils learn from each other. We find there are many benefits from working in partnership. We are also part of a Teaching School Alliance where we train student teachers at Mayflower.

Pupil Premium 2016-17

Pupil Premium 2015-16 Expenditure Plan with Impact

Early Years Pupil Premium 2016-17


Accelerated Reader

"Your school was such an eye opener and was such a lovely day. I couldn't believe how polite, welcoming and hard working students all were! And of course really nice to be in a school that promotes creativeness and cultural diversity. Had a very positive experience I look forward to reporting back to my school."

- Kara Davies, School Counsellor - Octavia House Schools